Patent Preparation

It’s an age-old trend in patent firms; the more experienced an attorney becomes, the fewer patent applications the attorney writes. The writing of patent applications in traditional IP firms is instead delegated to junior attorneys to serve as a stepping stone to other types of work.

Wolfe-SBMC bucks this trend by treating patent drafting with the respect it deserves. Wolfe-SBMC concentrates the drafting of patent applications with the experienced attorneys and partners, thereby giving the client the benefit of our many years of experience. Simply put, we enjoy writing high-quality patent applications for our clients and will continue to do so.

Patent Prosecution

Wolfe-SBMC aggressively and proactively prosecutes patent applications. We interview the Patent Office on nearly every Office Action issued. We build relationships with Examiners at the Patent Office so that we know what strategy will most likely benefit our clients; we know that some Examiners are best persuaded through conversation but that some others are persuaded only with written arguments. We also track art units at the Patent Office–some art units allow very few patent applications and some allow many. Each requires its own strategy to best gain allowance of our clients’ patent applications.

Wolfe-SBMC also provides a web-enabled docketing system to give clients remote access to review their docketing, projects’ status, and even generate reports. Our web-enabled docketing system allows many clients the option of forgoing their own docketing system. Also, Wolfe-SBMC is able to easily intake docketing data from other law firms electronically using this system. This enables Wolfe-SBMC to provide seamless file transfer for our new clients.