Chris Culberson



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Christopher Culberson’s extensive technical expertise includes computational chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and organic chemistry. Having prepared and prosecuted patent applications in the fields of computer software, circuit simulation software, semi-conductor design, WiFi, networking software and hardware, and cryptographic processes and hardware, Culberson has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies. Culberson has represented industries ranging from computer software and hardware to medical and financial institutions, drafting over 70 patents and prosecuting hundreds of patents to issuance.

Culberson received his Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry magna cum laude from Whitworth University and his Juris Doctorate cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law. Culberson is admitted to practice before the USPTO as well as Washington State.

Prior to becoming a partner at WolfeSBMC, Culberson was a research chemist with Sterling International where he conducted research in synthetic organic chemistry and analytical chemistry, researching improvements to existing products. After years of working alongside product designers and manufacturers, Culberson experienced the innovation process firsthand, allowing him to appreciate the importance of the cost – benefit analysis in the decision to protect products. It’s this experience and innovative background that has made Culberson’s main goal as an attorney to help his clients evaluate which products will return the most value for their IP dollar.