Jamie Breen



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During his many years of practice, Jamie has applied this basic tenant to his practice, to make the complicated simple. A patent may be read by a diverse group of people, from the inventors themselves to members of a jury during patent infringement litigation. Because of the diverse range of backgrounds of this group, Jamie continues to develop his practice such that each of these people may readily understand both the idea and the world in which the idea lives through a simple expression of complex ideas.

Technical Experience

  • Computing and Telecommunications Hardware: computer hardware, telecommunications-related consumer devices and infrastructure, wireless consumer devices and infrastructure, and global positioning system devices;
  • Electrical and Mechanical Devices: nanotechnology, micro electro mechanical machines (MEMS), and pneumatic and electrical tools;
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices: pharmaceutical compounds and implantable medical devices;
  • Semiconductor and Related Technologies: integrated circuit design, processing, and fabrication;
  • Software: kernel level, operating system, and application level software, business methods, and cryptography; and
  • Trademarks: prepare and prosecute trademark applications.