Copyrights, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets

Wolfe-SBMC counsels clients on copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. We inform clients of their rights and potential dangers in these areas, as well as file and prosecute trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Wolfe-SBMC is able to weave these types of protection with those of U.S. and international patent protections to provide businesses with a complete intellectual property portfolio.

NPE Strategy & Negotiation

Claims and demands from non-practicing entities, often referred to as patent trolls, have become an increasing problem for companies large and small. We have developed a toolbox of databases and solutions to assist in evaluating claims as you receive them and resolve or negotiate the best possible solution to meet your business objectives in a cost effective manner. We understand how to identify the level of risk and tailor a solution to avoid excessive lawyering and focus on cost effective resolution.

WolfeSBMC Whitepaper: The Changing NPE Landscape – New Strategies & Best Practices

Strategic IP Planning

We understand the long-term value of your intellectual property portfolio. For companies large and small, we can conduct an audit, evaluate long-term value and assist you in preparing for strategic mergers and acquisitions by increasing the value of your intellectual property portfolio. We also assist clients in evaluating licensing revenue opportunities or opportunities to sell portions of an unused portfolio. We utilize Foundation IP, a state of the art, web based, real time docket management solution to provide you with optimum flexibility.

As an additional value-added service, if you are planning an IPO or have already taken your company public, we specialize in communicating the value of your intellectual property to Wall Street reporters, journalists and bloggers to increase the street value of your company via your intellectual property portfolio. Jennifer Wolfe is nationally accredited in public relations and offers a unique value added perspective.


We provide legal counsel in planning for, structuring and negotiating technology and business process outsourcing agreements for both vendors and end users. The firm specializes in working with its client as a strategic partner. Working hand-in-hand with other consultants and key members of the business and legal team, as a first important step, our team facilitates a strategic planning session to identify key goals and objectives, as well as determine the cost benefit and risk analysis to create a strategic plan for the structure and negotiation of the deal.

With a careful eye on cost management in the process, the team utilizes wiki-based technology to streamline the documentation and communication process with all parties. Widely known for its ability to cut to the chase and focus on delivering results and value, clients of WolfeSBMC return to them for assistance in negotiating and preparing outsourcing agreements.

Generic Top-Level Domains

The new generic top level domain application period will open in January of 2012 and close in April of 2012. During this short window, companies, for the first time ever, can apply to operate their own top level domain such as .shopping, .food, .lifestyle, .music or .your brand. We have carefully evaluated the contracts required and pros and cons of registry operators and can assist you with selecting and implementing the right contract with a registry operator. We have carefully studied the ICANN requirements and can assist in the application process.

Additionally, we have formulated a strategic planning process to help you and your stakeholders evaluate this as a business opportunity. At a minimum, brand owners require a defensive plan to monitor the applications during that three month window and oppose any application which may infringe upon your brand. We have a team of intellectual property specialists ready to assist you in this big “to do.”

For more information on gTLDs, please visit: Wolfe Domain.

Internet & Media Law

We offer our clients a hands-on approach with an in-depth understanding of the continually evolving area of new media and Internet law. With experience representing a wide variety of media clients across the nation, from production companies, Internet startups, advertising agencies to major cable networks, our attorneys provide assistance advising, analyzing and strategically planning to protect the important business plans of our new media companies.

  • Advertising Review and Recommendations
  • Privacy Rights and Rights of Publicity
  • Digital Content and Protection
  • Domain Name Disputes & Generic Top Level Domains
  • Software Licensing Agreements
  • Copyright & Trademark Infringement Analysis
  • Film & Television Agreements
  • Production Agreements
  • Online Membership Agreements & Terms of Use
  • Sponsorship & Representation Agreements